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Have you ever wondered what applications are doing with all those permissions they ask for? This app seeks to help users better understand the privacy and security implications of the software they install. We analyze applications offline in order to detect the possible actions written into the application source code, then display a summary of our findings to the user.

Apps with existing profiles will show up in green, whereas those not yet analyzed will show up in grey. We are in the process of analyzing all of the available free apps on the market, but we will give priority to applications requested by users of AppProfiles, so please check back in a few hours if you don't see an application you're interested in. (Note that we do not provide information about paid apps, that we don't own, or apps not downloaded through the Android Market.)

You also have the option to indicate what app behaviours you don't like by toggling the face next to each action, or indicate if you are uncomfortable with an app's behaviour. We encourage you to do so as it helps make the app more effective as well as helping us with our research.


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We have no commercial interests in this app, and use the Internet permission only to deliver summaries to your phone and allow you to submit feedback. We track individual feedback submissions via a large, random number generated on your phone (which is not derived from any personally identifiable information in any way). You can opt out of this by unchecking the checkbox on the feedback page, or alternately by not submitting feedback.


We are researchers at the University of Michigan, in the RobustNet research group. We are interested in security, performance and network characterization in mobile devices. Our other apps include MobiPerf, a tool to characterize your network, and PowerTutor, a tool to characterize the power consumption of system components and different applications.

You can contact us at appprofiles at umich dot edu. Feel free to send us any of your questions or suggestions.