Technical Details

What behaviors do you extract from the application?

We extract a list of behaviors in two steps. First, we look for short patterns of API use, and print out a list of where there is a match. We then map these matchings onto the human-readable behaviors wshow in the application. We have provided both an xml file that can be used by Fortify and a (more) human-readable version for the former, and a human-readable list of mappings for the latter.


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We have no commercial interests in this app, and use the Internet permission only to deliver summaries to your phone and allow you to submit feedback. We track individual feedback submissions via a large, random number generated on your phone (which is not derived from any personally identifiable information in any way). You can opt out of this by unchecking the checkbox on the feedback page, or alternately by not submitting feedback.


We are researchers at the University of Michigan, in the RobustNet research group. We are interested in security, performance and network characterization in mobile devices. Our other apps include MobiPerf, a tool to characterize your network, and PowerTutor, a tool to characterize the power consumption of system components and different applications.

You can contact us at appprofiles at umich dot edu. Feel free to send us any of your questions or suggestions.